Palm Springs is Hot

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Who doesn’t enjoy a relaxing weekend sitting by the pool and drinking cocktails?  Well I definitely do, so that is why I decided to head out to Palm Springs for the weekend. But Palm Springs has more to offer than just swimming pools and margaritas.

The cool architecture alone is a good reason to spend  a weekend out there ( and of course the purple room lounge).  Our goal was to try to find an architecture tour, hoping there would be one that would allow us to tour the inside of the homes.  Obviously the exterior of a cool structure is just a teaser, but unfortunately, this was not possible to find.  So we opted to create our own tour and this is what we stumbled upon along the way…

Starting with our hotel, The Saguaro colors are amazing. I love this hotel because of the color palette.  A lot of places (probably most) in Palm Springs are neutral tones and it blends in with the surrounding environment.  Nothing is wrong with that, but I love color, therefore I really liked the way this hotel stood out on it’s own and really created a fun vibe.

Some cool houses we saw on our tour….

The minimal landscaping creates a sense of calm and orderly and the vibrant colored doors are so cool against the minimal design of the structure.

And who can forget The Parker! I have been to this place a dozen times and can never get tired of it.  Here are some sneak peaks to cool elements I love about this place.

Martini Party!

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I’d like to say that something inspired me to have a party, but it was actually nothing more than a really good dirty martini that was enough inspiration.  
In the days leading up to it, that really good dirty martini inspired me to host a martini party!  I created a martini menu with some of the classics and added a few new ones as well.  One of the most popular was the English Garden Martini, made with fennel, cucumber and gin. So refreshing!  Needless to say… was a blast!


English Garden Martini

Bartender hard at work

Invitation (courtesy of Paperless Post) & Martini Menu


Welcome to house of hue!

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My name is Jenny and this is my blog. Today is the launch of my new website, thanks to Parker and Thomas!
I am excited to share with you inspiration in all forms. Mainly interior design, but my inspiration doesn’t stop there.
I love traveling, food, art, photography and sometimes weird and funny things. I hope my inspirations can inspire you as well.
Thanks for stopping by!