Thanksgiving Table Settings

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Thanksgiving is upon us and this holiday is starting to become one of my favorites (besides Halloween of course!).  Everyone celebrates this holiday in so many ways, whether it is with friends, family, helping the needy or just doing nothing at all.

I love this holiday, mainly because I love food.  Hanging with my family is pretty fun too and my family makes really good food.

This year, I have become more inspired by Thanksgiving design than the food (hard to believe)!  I have seen so many types of endless table setting ideas that I would like to share them with everyone.

My favorite part of this table design is the feather on the napkin.  I just think that is a beautiful and simple touch.  I like the dark chocolate color palette as well.   It’s a fall color, but not often seen in Thanksgiving designs.

Love this modern take on a Thanksgiving table scape.  The orange and grey palette are so chic and refreshing.  The menu cards for each guests is a nice touch too, if you have that extra time.

I really like this table design because its very non quintessential thanksgiving.  Its pretty much a spring color palette.  But that is what I like about it.  Its very refreshing as well.  The yellow mini pumpkins are what bring you back to the season.

This is probably the most like my style of design.  Its simple, clean and bursting with color.  I like that the table is very tidy and clutter free.  Leaves you more room for the food!

Another white table scape seen here, but this time they added subtle touches of black and gold.  I find this table really beautiful because the bright colors of the food contrast nicely with the white pumpkins, vases and tablecloth.  Everything on the table really stands out.  Even the gold silverware is really noticeable. One of my favorites!

If you are hosting or helping someone host a Thanksgiving dinner this year, I hope these table designs have inspired you to create something beautiful for all your guests.

Bon Apetit!

Wedding Inspired

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It’s been so long since I last posted something inspirational, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t experienced any brilliance lately. In fact, I have probably been more inspired in the past month than I have in a long time.

Who knew that planning a wedding could be so creative and educational?! Well I definitely didn’t, considering I have never been married before. But this whole process has left me more motivated and aware of things that I never thought about before (like all the different flowers out there!!). It has also opened up my eyes to new color palettes and designs that I find to work well within an interior space, as well as for a wedding.

With a wedding come parties, and so many parties for different occasions. Engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, save the dates and so on. With parties comes invitations, and this is what I have found to give me so many new ideas for an interior space.

I stumbled upon this bachelorette invitation on the internet and I just loved it. This is what I have created with it.

Graphic Prints

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When it comes to designing a room, my first thought is….does this room “wow” me?  But it doesn’t have to be an over the top “wow”, it just has to be unique.  I find that graphic prints can really help a drab room stand out.  Even in a very neutral room with very subdued colors, a simple graphic print can add a lot of interest and excitement to the space.  And there are so many ways to add graphic elements to a room: through wallpaper, fabric, tile, rugs…..the possibilities are endless!

This room clearly has some amazing elements, like the awesome peacock on the wall!  But what really wows me in this space is the wallpaper.  The giant print doesn’t allow it to look too busy, but it really gives the room that extra addition of making it unique.

I have always, always loved this room. It has inspired me for many of my own projects.  When you first look at it, it’s a pretty simple nursery, but then you look up and notice the ceiling!  This unique element of surprise really creates an exceptional space.

This bathroom is freaking gorgeous and so elegant.  I love the color palette in the tile.  It is busy, yet so calming and beautiful.

The graphic chevron stripes on this chair look so good in this very bright, neutral room.  Having this beautiful piece of furniture contrasting with the all the white in the room really adds interest to the space.  The side table is pretty awesome too!

Here are some awesome graphic accessories too….



Summer Color: Lemon Yellow & Navy Blue

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My last blog post I talked about one of my favorite colors, Orange, because I think its such a bright and cheery summer color.  I asked readers what their favorite summer color was; so today I want to blog about my friend Michele’s favorite, Lemon Yellow and Navy Blue.

What a powerful combination of colors! These two shades remind me of summer desserts such as lemon blueberry pie…mmmmm.  I found some pretty cool spaces with lemon yellow and navy blue, and also variations of the colors that she requested.  Take a look at what I found!

When looking at this room, it looks mainly blue and yellow.  The blue is so blue and the yellow so yellow.  But they are not really the dominant colors in the room, white and brown are.  It just goes to show how a little bit of color can go a long way.


Clearly this dining room is mostly blue and white, yet the lemons in the bowl add such a small and powerful pop of color.   I love the subtlety of the yellow in this room.


This room is dominated by the color yellow, yet there is so many different hues of blue throughout that it doesn’t over stimulate the senses.  The brown coffee table, sideboard and open windows bring calmness to the space.  This is a very cheerful room!


I love the gradient of blue in this kitchen.  It is predominantly blue and yellow, yet the small pop of fuchsia from the vase on the ledge is so cool!  I love to see other colors blending their way into a room like this one.


Probably one of the most exciting dining rooms that I have ever seen, created by Jonathan Adler.  I love how the light blue drapes distinguish themselves so well against the yellow chairs. And the chairs look so cool with the chevron striped rug. Love love love this room!

Another design by Jonathan Adler, the blue arcade bag.  Not only is yellow and blue seen in amazing interiors, but also in other designs.  The dark and light blue pattern is so rad with the yellow handles.


I hope these designs have inspired Michele and anyone else who love these two colors together.  They definitely got me contemplating my next project.



The Color of Summer

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With every new season, come new concepts for re-designing your space.  Since summer has arrived, orange comes to mind.  I love this bright and bold color because it can be playful and sophisticated at the same time.  Here are some beautiful ways to incorporate them into everyday spaces…..

You can brighten up a white sofa with mango colored throw pillows or if you like a bit more color, you can add statement pieces like the 2 side tables.

I love the bold statement of these custom made orange chairs by Jeneration Interiors in West Hollywood.  They really make the neutral room pop with cheerfulness!

This kids room, designed by Cari Berg, shows how a bright orange wall mixed with the right colors and furniture can add sophistication and simplicity.

I love this room because there are pops of different colors in the whole space!  But the vintage orange chairs are still the center focus in this warm and comfortable mid century modern living room.

Norma’s restaurant at the Parker in Palm Springs is a great example of the use of orange. They definitely didn’t shy away from this cheeky color by using different variations.  The gorgeous desert backdrop really blends well with the design and color choices of this space.

DIY Solutions for Small Spaces

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A friend of mine lives in a very cute one bedroom apartment.  Her apartment is not too small, but her storage needs are almost non-existent.  This has created quite a challenge for her.

When I run into this dilemma, I find myself running around town trying to find the perfect solution to this problem.  But, what I do find is that a lot of stores just don’t have the right thing that I am looking for that fits my style and solves the problem.

My friend has only one closet to work with in her whole apartment!  This demands creativity and craftiness when it comes to storage solutions.  Therefore, some of the best options out there can be done by yourself.

When you have a lot of shoes (which most girls do), you need to have a place to display them.  Here is a smart way to create shelving in a tiny closet….

All you need here are some inexpensive tension rods and you’re done!

At the moment, my friend is displaying half of her clothes on a clothes rack that is against the wall in her bedroom.  I find clothes racks to be cold and dull looking.  But if you absolutely have no space in your closet for the other half of your clothes, then here is a perfect solution to that problem.  It also creates shelving space too!

 Find an old ladder, sand it, paint it and mount it to the wall.  Now you have a cute and unique clothes rack, that shows your style and touch.

For those of you who have a pedestal sink, you can probably relate to struggling with enough counter space to hold your bathroom items.  It can be very frustrating, as you tend to purchase another piece of furniture for more storage and then this can overcrowd your bathroom.  Here is an amazing solution for your everyday items, such as q-tips, cotton balls, make-up brushes and toothbrushes!

I absolutely love this idea!!

A coffee table, for the most part, is usually just a coffee table.  But if you are lacking space for a bookshelf in the room, you can create your own coffee table with more storage in mind.

All you need are some old milk crates, re-finish them and find some legs (these can be found at any flea market or even thrift stores)

I hope these ideas have encouraged you to start creating for yourself.  I know it has definitely inspired me!  All of these images and more can be found on my pinterest page if you’d like to take a look….

Outdoor Living

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Technically the first day of summer is June 20th or June 21st, but luckily in California summer starts much earlier than that. Since the weather has been so perfect lately, it has got me thinking a lot about outdoor spaces.   Whether you have a patio, balcony, porch or huge back yard there are so many things you can do!  Unfortunately, sometimes these spaces can be neglected, but I have found some amazing designs that will inspire you to love your outdoor space again!

Sometimes just a dining table is all you need for entertaining outdoors.  I love this rustic table with these yellow chairs.  They can really brighten up your space if it is lacking any natural surroundings.

I love this space because it is so rustic and the overhead bamboo canopy has such a homemade feel.  It’s a perfect way to make a space feel custom rather than store bought.

This is a great space for conversation.  A lot of seating, but not too crowded and the homemade canopy is a great idea!

I was drawn to this patio because it reminds me of my own.  I love the vintage table and chairs.  It really shows how exciting a small patio can become with a little pop of color and pattern.


If all you have is a porch that is big enough for a few chairs, you can still touch it up by bringing in other elements, such as these lights above. This creates a mood and happy environment without taking up space!

Here is another great option for a small porch or patio.  The hanging lanterns creates enough light to set the mood and it adds creativity in such a small space.

This cool outdoor living space I find so inspiring.  The mix of the chunky wood table and metal vintage chairs works so well together.  Love the landscape too….so relaxing….





Organizing Solutions

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Organizing is essential when living in a small studio or apartment.   It can become quite a challenge when you have to share the space with someone as well.  The challenge generates creative thought to come into play.  Fortunately, there are many options out there to help out with this dilemma.


Whether its finding storage for jewelry, mail, office supplies and just those random knick knacks that you just don’t want to throw away… are some great ideas of how to make life easier and cooler at the same time.

Over the Door Vanity Station Triple Decker Shelf from Urban Outfitters.  Perfect for small bathrooms or bedrooms!

Jewelry Boxes from Plantation

Super Cute Canvas Bins from See Jane Work.   Heavy duty bins that can hold fabric samples, laundry or just about anything you desire! These are so adorable, there is no need to keep these bins out of sight.

When your work space is small, its hard to keep track of everything you need throughout the day.  The Bamboo Dry Erase panel from See Jane Work, is the perfect organization tool.  It has hooks and even hidden pockets in the back for mail or loose leaf notes that you just don’t know where to put.


Wine Country

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Now that spring is here, wedding season has arrived!  If you ask anyone I know, they will tell you that every season is wedding season for me.  I have gone to so many weddings in my life that I can’t even name the bride and groom for most of them anymore…..just kidding.

But it really is a good thing to be invited to all these weddings.  It’s a giant party with food, cake, and dancing and most the time it gives you an excuse to leave town and stay somewhere new.

The latest wedding was in Healdsburg….Wine Country!  I love weddings in wine country because 9 times out of 10 they will be serving amazing wine and I love wine.

But the other thing I look forward to at weddings is the inspiration from the setting, flowers, colors and décor of the space.  Its amazing what type of ideas you can gather from the just the location.  Wine country is truly beautiful!


So pretty I didn’t even want to drink it!

Who doesn’t like candy?  This was a great after party treat!



Unconventional Bathrooms

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Bathrooms are so fun to design because I feel that you can be a bit more daring with your creativity than other rooms in your house.  There are so many materials involved in designing a bathroom that you can really make it custom and unique.  Speaking of unique bathrooms, I have found a few that I find amazing and are very distinctive in their own way.

Instead of using wallpaper or a bold paint color on the wall, they decided to paint the sink.  I love this idea, it is so cool!

There are a lot of different elements and styles in this bathroom. The elegant wallpaper and mirror juxtapose the kind of creepy art blocks on the wall.  I love this mix of styles. Very inspiring!

Sometimes you find an awesome wallpaper but just can’t figure out the right room for it.  Well I think anything goes in a bathroom and this map of the world really gives you something to look at.

One of the things I like the best about this bathroom is the added red chair.  The wallpaper is bold, but it still creates a calmness to the space, and the vibrant chair is what makes it interesting.

If you have enough bathrooms in your house to design one for the kids, I am all for it!  How fun for kids to use this bathroom everyday!

I hope these images have inspired you to do something with your own bathroom.  They have definitely given me some ideas……:)