Thanksgiving Table Settings

Thanksgiving is upon us and this holiday is starting to become one of my favorites (besides Halloween of course!).  Everyone celebrates this holiday in so many ways, whether it is with friends, family, helping the needy or just doing nothing at all.

I love this holiday, mainly because I love food.  Hanging with my family is pretty fun too and my family makes really good food.

This year, I have become more inspired by Thanksgiving design than the food (hard to believe)!  I have seen so many types of endless table setting ideas that I would like to share them with everyone.

My favorite part of this table design is the feather on the napkin.  I just think that is a beautiful and simple touch.  I like the dark chocolate color palette as well.   It’s a fall color, but not often seen in Thanksgiving designs.

Love this modern take on a Thanksgiving table scape.  The orange and grey palette are so chic and refreshing.  The menu cards for each guests is a nice touch too, if you have that extra time.

I really like this table design because its very non quintessential thanksgiving.  Its pretty much a spring color palette.  But that is what I like about it.  Its very refreshing as well.  The yellow mini pumpkins are what bring you back to the season.

This is probably the most like my style of design.  Its simple, clean and bursting with color.  I like that the table is very tidy and clutter free.  Leaves you more room for the food!

Another white table scape seen here, but this time they added subtle touches of black and gold.  I find this table really beautiful because the bright colors of the food contrast nicely with the white pumpkins, vases and tablecloth.  Everything on the table really stands out.  Even the gold silverware is really noticeable. One of my favorites!

If you are hosting or helping someone host a Thanksgiving dinner this year, I hope these table designs have inspired you to create something beautiful for all your guests.

Bon Apetit!