Graphic Prints

When it comes to designing a room, my first thought is….does this room “wow” me?  But it doesn’t have to be an over the top “wow”, it just has to be unique.  I find that graphic prints can really help a drab room stand out.  Even in a very neutral room with very subdued colors, a simple graphic print can add a lot of interest and excitement to the space.  And there are so many ways to add graphic elements to a room: through wallpaper, fabric, tile, rugs…..the possibilities are endless!

This room clearly has some amazing elements, like the awesome peacock on the wall!  But what really wows me in this space is the wallpaper.  The giant print doesn’t allow it to look too busy, but it really gives the room that extra addition of making it unique.

I have always, always loved this room. It has inspired me for many of my own projects.  When you first look at it, it’s a pretty simple nursery, but then you look up and notice the ceiling!  This unique element of surprise really creates an exceptional space.

This bathroom is freaking gorgeous and so elegant.  I love the color palette in the tile.  It is busy, yet so calming and beautiful.

The graphic chevron stripes on this chair look so good in this very bright, neutral room.  Having this beautiful piece of furniture contrasting with the all the white in the room really adds interest to the space.  The side table is pretty awesome too!

Here are some awesome graphic accessories too….