Summer Color: Lemon Yellow & Navy Blue

My last blog post I talked about one of my favorite colors, Orange, because I think its such a bright and cheery summer color.  I asked readers what their favorite summer color was; so today I want to blog about my friend Michele’s favorite, Lemon Yellow and Navy Blue.

What a powerful combination of colors! These two shades remind me of summer desserts such as lemon blueberry pie…mmmmm.  I found some pretty cool spaces with lemon yellow and navy blue, and also variations of the colors that she requested.  Take a look at what I found!

When looking at this room, it looks mainly blue and yellow.  The blue is so blue and the yellow so yellow.  But they are not really the dominant colors in the room, white and brown are.  It just goes to show how a little bit of color can go a long way.


Clearly this dining room is mostly blue and white, yet the lemons in the bowl add such a small and powerful pop of color.   I love the subtlety of the yellow in this room.


This room is dominated by the color yellow, yet there is so many different hues of blue throughout that it doesn’t over stimulate the senses.  The brown coffee table, sideboard and open windows bring calmness to the space.  This is a very cheerful room!


I love the gradient of blue in this kitchen.  It is predominantly blue and yellow, yet the small pop of fuchsia from the vase on the ledge is so cool!  I love to see other colors blending their way into a room like this one.


Probably one of the most exciting dining rooms that I have ever seen, created by Jonathan Adler.  I love how the light blue drapes distinguish themselves so well against the yellow chairs. And the chairs look so cool with the chevron striped rug. Love love love this room!

Another design by Jonathan Adler, the blue arcade bag.  Not only is yellow and blue seen in amazing interiors, but also in other designs.  The dark and light blue pattern is so rad with the yellow handles.


I hope these designs have inspired Michele and anyone else who love these two colors together.  They definitely got me contemplating my next project.