DIY Solutions for Small Spaces

A friend of mine lives in a very cute one bedroom apartment.  Her apartment is not too small, but her storage needs are almost non-existent.  This has created quite a challenge for her.

When I run into this dilemma, I find myself running around town trying to find the perfect solution to this problem.  But, what I do find is that a lot of stores just don’t have the right thing that I am looking for that fits my style and solves the problem.

My friend has only one closet to work with in her whole apartment!  This demands creativity and craftiness when it comes to storage solutions.  Therefore, some of the best options out there can be done by yourself.

When you have a lot of shoes (which most girls do), you need to have a place to display them.  Here is a smart way to create shelving in a tiny closet….

All you need here are some inexpensive tension rods and you’re done!

At the moment, my friend is displaying half of her clothes on a clothes rack that is against the wall in her bedroom.  I find clothes racks to be cold and dull looking.  But if you absolutely have no space in your closet for the other half of your clothes, then here is a perfect solution to that problem.  It also creates shelving space too!

 Find an old ladder, sand it, paint it and mount it to the wall.  Now you have a cute and unique clothes rack, that shows your style and touch.

For those of you who have a pedestal sink, you can probably relate to struggling with enough counter space to hold your bathroom items.  It can be very frustrating, as you tend to purchase another piece of furniture for more storage and then this can overcrowd your bathroom.  Here is an amazing solution for your everyday items, such as q-tips, cotton balls, make-up brushes and toothbrushes!

I absolutely love this idea!!

A coffee table, for the most part, is usually just a coffee table.  But if you are lacking space for a bookshelf in the room, you can create your own coffee table with more storage in mind.

All you need are some old milk crates, re-finish them and find some legs (these can be found at any flea market or even thrift stores)

I hope these ideas have encouraged you to start creating for yourself.  I know it has definitely inspired me!  All of these images and more can be found on my pinterest page if you’d like to take a look….