Organizing Solutions

Organizing is essential when living in a small studio or apartment.   It can become quite a challenge when you have to share the space with someone as well.  The challenge generates creative thought to come into play.  Fortunately, there are many options out there to help out with this dilemma.


Whether its finding storage for jewelry, mail, office supplies and just those random knick knacks that you just don’t want to throw away… are some great ideas of how to make life easier and cooler at the same time.

Over the Door Vanity Station Triple Decker Shelf from Urban Outfitters.  Perfect for small bathrooms or bedrooms!

Jewelry Boxes from Plantation

Super Cute Canvas Bins from See Jane Work.   Heavy duty bins that can hold fabric samples, laundry or just about anything you desire! These are so adorable, there is no need to keep these bins out of sight.

When your work space is small, its hard to keep track of everything you need throughout the day.  The Bamboo Dry Erase panel from See Jane Work, is the perfect organization tool.  It has hooks and even hidden pockets in the back for mail or loose leaf notes that you just don’t know where to put.