Unconventional Bathrooms

Bathrooms are so fun to design because I feel that you can be a bit more daring with your creativity than other rooms in your house.  There are so many materials involved in designing a bathroom that you can really make it custom and unique.  Speaking of unique bathrooms, I have found a few that I find amazing and are very distinctive in their own way.

Instead of using wallpaper or a bold paint color on the wall, they decided to paint the sink.  I love this idea, it is so cool!

There are a lot of different elements and styles in this bathroom. The elegant wallpaper and mirror juxtapose the kind of creepy art blocks on the wall.  I love this mix of styles. Very inspiring!

Sometimes you find an awesome wallpaper but just can’t figure out the right room for it.  Well I think anything goes in a bathroom and this map of the world really gives you something to look at.

One of the things I like the best about this bathroom is the added red chair.  The wallpaper is bold, but it still creates a calmness to the space, and the vibrant chair is what makes it interesting.

If you have enough bathrooms in your house to design one for the kids, I am all for it!  How fun for kids to use this bathroom everyday!

I hope these images have inspired you to do something with your own bathroom.  They have definitely given me some ideas……:)